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From your first app to complex projects, we guide you step by step.
Intro to flutter university
We have one simple mission - making Flutter easy to learn for everyone. Whether you're taking your first step into Flutter or you're an experienced developer looking to brush up your skills, we've got something for everyone.

Why Choose Flutter University?

  1. 1.
    Keeping it simple. Our guides are easy to follow, turning complex Flutter concepts into something easy to understand.
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    Learn at your own pace. With a step-by-step learning path, you can move from the basics to advanced topics smoothly.
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    Community of Learners. Join a bunch of folks who share your passion. Learn, share, and grow together.
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    Real-world Projects. Get your hands dirty with real projects and see how Flutter works in the real world.

100 Days of Flutter Challenge

Kickstart your Flutter journey with our 100 Days of Flutter Challenge. It's designed to take beginners from zero to intermediate level in Flutter. Take up the challenge and see how far you can go!


Dive into our easy-to-follow tutorials. They start from creating pixel-perfect ui clones like ‘Netflix Clone’, to more advanced stuff such as ‘Crypto Wallet using Flutter & Solidity’. With these tutorials, getting good at Flutter is just a matter of time.

Join The Community

Be part of a fun community of Flutter enthusiasts. Share your journey, ask for advice, or team up on projects. Together, we make learning Flutter a fun ride.

Get Started with Flutter

Jump into our beginner-friendly guides and start building right away. Get a hang of the core concepts of Flutter and set off on your journey towards becoming a skilled Flutter developer.

Already a Flutter Pro?

Check out our intermediate and advanced tutorials and stay in the loop with the latest in Flutter development. Push your boundaries and keep growing your Flutter skills.
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